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Rubeya & Co-Advocates
20, Rue de l’Industrie
Immeuble Paride Sella
Appartements 6 & 7
BP 202
T: +257 22 24 89 10
[email protected]
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Firm overview

Rubeya & Co-Advocates provides clients with quality legal advice embedded with local and cross-border best practice. The firm has a multidisciplinary team with in-depth knowledge of the Burundian market and its characteristics.

With several strengths and opportunities, the Burundian economy will continue to grow thanks to the mining potential for peat, limestone, nickel, coltan, phosphates, vanadium, carbonatites, and other minerals as well as exploitable hydropower potential. Our firm aims at working alongside clients as a trusted adviser, providing the support they need to thrive in this dynamic economic environment throughout Burundi.

We advise national, regional and international companies, investors, financial institutions, public entities and governments on all legal aspects of their most important commercial ventures. In addition, our teams work together seamlessly and possess thorough knowledge of the legal, economic and political environment specific to East Africa, allowing us to deliver advice to a diversified range of clients.

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