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Fabien Ndomvyi

Fabien Ndomvyi

Head of Tax Department
Senior Associate, Rubeya & Co-Advocates

Fabien NDOMVYI is Senior Associate at RUBEYA & Co-Advocates since January 2023. Fabien has more than 6 years of experience in Burundian and regional taxation. He also has about a year’s experience in court litigation gained by assisting clients before the various courts in Burundi when he practiced law from 2015 to 2016 and collaborated with the Burundi branch of International Bridges to justice. He provides advice on how to navigate the complex systems of taxation and can work both with corporate clients and individuals to understand, manage, and minimize their tax burden.

In addition, Fabien provides legal guidance and representation on various aspects related to taxation, and has a sharp problem-solving skills as well as an ability to develop creative solutions to complex matters.

He also taught the practical part of Tax Law at the Great Lakes University.

Experience has included advising:

  • On Tax audits in document control, general control, targeted control, spot control and ex officio taxation;
  • And carrying out property counter-appraisals in the event of the sale of fixed assets for valuable consideration or free of charge;
  • Recalling defaulting taxpayers and collecting taxes ;
  • And giving opinions of both a legal and fiscal nature on appeals and other correspondence from taxpayers to the Office's authorities.
  • Control of goods hidden from the customs declaration as well as cases of tax fraud, and systematically draw up and file the seizure reports;
  • And calculation of evaded duties and taxes and preparation of the notification of such duties and taxes in order to recover the full amounts assessed;
  • On targeting and control of cases of import/export of goods under the Single Customs Territory on the basis of identified fraud risks in order to reinforce ex-post control as a tool to fight against customs fraud and recover evaded duties and taxes;
  • on relevant regional and international instruments relating to import or export prohibitions and bans.
  • Vulnerable people in court on a pro bono basis on behalf of International Bridges to Justice



  •  Institut Supérieur de Gestion des Entreprises (ISGE), LLM candidate in Taxation
  • University of Burundi, LLB