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Financial Services

Our lawyers in Ghana advise local and international financial services companies and institutions in relation to their business operations, investment opportunities and finance arrangements.

We assist our clients to deal with legal issues relating to banking, regulatory requirements and compliance matters.

Our clients include capital markets participants, development banks, commercial banks, investment banks, retail banks, savings and loans companies, national regulators, private equity firms as well as professional services organizations engaged mainly in financial services.

Experience has included advising:

  • An international bank on its acquisition and merger of two local banks in Ghana.
  • A South African bank in respect of the USD5 million and USD17.5 million financing of projects for the construction of a storm drain in the Northern Region of Ghana and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of 56 km of selected roads located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
  • Two foreign banks in relation to the issuance of a letter of credit in the initial amount of USD500 million to finance the payment obligations of a state-owned petroleum company owed to two international petroleum entities. 
  • The lenders including a foreign bank in relation to the USD27 million refinancing of financial arrangements of a major foreign owned telecommunications operator.
  • A Dutch development bank in its USD22.5 million mortgage financing of a Ghanaian home finance entity.
  • An international finance institution in respect of its proposed financing (by way of inter alia, convertible notes) of an international entity with subsidiaries in six different African countries.
  • A syndicate of lenders including a foreign development bank and cooperative society in relation to the USD54 million financing of a Ghanaian bank.
  • A Luxembourg bank in relation to its USD8 million investment by way of debt and equity in a venture capital financing company in Ghana.
  • A French private equity fund in relation to its investment in a venture capital financing company in Ghana.
  • Foreign financial institutions in relation to general jurisdictional opinions on the enforceability under Ghanaian law of the 1992/2002 ISDA Master Agreement, the 1994 ISDA Credit Support Annex as governed by New York law and the 1995 ISDA Credit Support Annex governed by English law and certain transactions entered into thereunder.