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Infrastructure, Construction and Transport

Our lawyers in Ghana are at the forefront of advising the infrastructure, construction and transport sector, working with clients who invest in, own, operate, manage or provide services to infrastructure assets.

From the roads which transport our goods to the telecommunications which keep us connected, world-class infrastructure provides the foundations to create jobs, grow business and connect people with essential services.

Our experience spans renewable energy, as well as social infrastructure and leisure, roads and port, among others.

Experience has included advising:

  • A bulk petroleum products storage and distribution company in the review and negotiation of contracts for the front-end engineering design of a 750 km buried national gas transmission utility pipeline build-out.
  • The lenders, a public private partnership, involving the construction of a moorings system (including a pipeline) for the offloading and discharge of crude oil and petroleum products at the offshore Port of Tema.
  • A multinational energy company on its proposed equity investment in a local company at the early stages of developing a 200 MW solar farm in Ghana.
  • A major construction company in its capacity as EPC contractor in relation to a EUR10.75 million financing of the construction of a 230 MW simple cycle power plant.
  • The lenders in respect of the financing (of over USD88 million) of the construction and development of a seawater desalination plant in Accra in relation to which MIGA provided a guarantee.
  • A project company in relation to the proposed construction and operation of a USD300 million road and road tolling project.
  • A five star hotel in Accra in relation to the renovation, expansion and refurbishment of the hotel.
  • Owners of a three star international hotel in Takoradi in relation to the construction, management and marketing of the hotel.
  • A foreign investor in respect of its financing of the construction and establishment of a medical facility specializing in oncology care.
  • A Dutch construction company in litigation before the three superior courts in Ghana over a USD7 million claim relating to construction work done by the company in respect of the West Africa Gas Pipeline.

Civil lawsuits in Burundi during COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. COVID-19 has spread worldwide, and the Republic of Burundi has adopted preventive measures that have affected institutions’ activities in different ways.