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Sally Hayfron-Benjamin Boaten
Sally Hayfron-Benjamin Boaten PartnerReindorf ChambersAccra
Matilda Idun-Donkor
Matilda Idun-Donkor PartnerReindorf ChambersAccra
Kizzita Mensah
Kizzita Mensah PartnerReindorf ChambersAccra
Dominic Dziewornu Kodzo Quashigah
Dominic Dziewornu Kodzo Quashigah PartnerReindorf ChambersAccra
Doe Tsikata
Doe Tsikata PartnerReindorf ChambersAccra
Fui Tsikata
Fui Tsikata Senior PartnerReindorf ChambersAccra

Additional team

Maame Ekua Yaakwae Asaam
Maame Ekua Yaakwae Asaam AssociateReindorf ChambersAccra
Edinam Y. Cofie
Edinam Y. Cofie AssociateReindorf ChambersAccra
Nana Takyiwa Ewool
Nana Takyiwa Ewool Senior AssociateReindorf ChambersAccra
Alexa Fleischer
Alexa Fleischer ConsultantReindorf ChambersAccra
Pearl Kwamla
Pearl Kwamla AssociateReindorf ChambersAccra
Kweki Quaynor Ahlijah
Kweki Quaynor Ahlijah Senior AssociateReindorf ChambersAccra