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Intellectual Property and Technology

Our intellectual property and technology lawyers in Ghana provide a full range of commercial, intellectual property law, privacy, and technology law services for leading international businesses including registering trademarks and advising on data protection laws.

Intellectual property and technology law have become one of the most critical legal areas as companies continue to expand and protect their technologies, brands, products, data and services around the globe and we are well positioned to provide quality and customized service to each client.

We provide both litigation-related and strategic commercial advice to a wide range of industry sectors, helping clients achieve their objectives wherever they do business.

Experience has included advising:

  • A fintech company on the protection of its intellectual property rights.
  • An international telecommunications and media company in relation to the registration of their trademarks.
  • A South African hotel chain on the various remedies available to it under the Trade Marks Act, 2004 (Act 664) in respect of infringements of its intellectual property rights.
  • And representing a client in quasi-judicial proceedings before the Ghana Trade Marks Registry commenced against it by an opponent to the registration of the client’s trademark in Ghana.
  • An American based company in relation to the launch its software application in Ghana.
  • A global platform operator with principal operations in internet services on the requirements it has to fulfill under Ghana's data protection laws for the grant and acceptance by its employees of restricted stock units online/electronically.
  • An international pharmaceutical company in a global compliance exercise regarding the transfers of data among different entities and with third service providers.
  • A transnational consumer goods company on matters of compliance with local law including data protection laws in Ghana.
  • A major foreign owned telecommunications operator on its acquisition of mobile mast assets of another major telecommunications operator in Ghana involving over 400 lease agreements and over 300 deeds of assignment.
  • A major telecommunications company in relation to the sale of its over 750 telecommunications masts countrywide.