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Big data and algorithms

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Organized by IKM

24 Jun 2020
4pm - 5pm

The Economist's recent lead story, "The world’s most valuable resource," – warned that "vast flows of data give some firms unprecedented power. To keep them in check, antitrust rules must catch up." This article acknowledged a new reality: antitrust enforcers are looking closely at the way companies use big data, and prudent companies are recognizing the potential competition law enforcement challenges this oversight may bring.

Please join us on a 60-minute CLE webinar on "Antitrust Aspects of Big Data and Algorithms." Panelists will offer high-level comparative analysis across major jurisdictions of the world addressing key competition law issues, including:

  • Information sharing risks
  • Big data as a market power issue
  • Big data and merger control and
  • Other antitrust issues implicated by big data.

We welcome your participation in this complimentary CLE webinar.