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James Kamau
James Kamau Chair, DLA Piper AfricaManaging PartnerIKMNairobi
Kamau Karori
Kamau Karori Senior PartnerIKMNairobi
Anne Kinyanjui
Anne Kinyanjui PartnerIKMNairobi
Caleb Langat
Caleb Langat PartnerIKMNairobi
David Lekerai
David Lekerai PartnerIKMNairobi
William Maema
William Maema Senior PartnerIKMNairobi
Martin Munyu
Martin Munyu PartnerIKMNairobi
Norah Mutuku
Norah Mutuku PartnerIKMNairobi
Beatrice Nyabira
Beatrice Nyabira PartnerIKMNairobi
Milly Jalega Odari
Milly Jalega Odari PartnerIKMNairobi
Amrit Soar
Amrit Soar PartnerIKMNairobi

Additional team

Saadia Abdi
Saadia Abdi AssociateIKMNairobi
Bonface Abuya
Bonface Abuya AssociateIKMNairobi
Chrysostom Xavier Akhaabi
Chrysostom Xavier Akhaabi AssociateIKMNairobi
Imelda Anika
Imelda Anika Senior AssociateIKMNairobi
Loice Erambo
Loice Erambo Senior AssociateIKMNairobi
Dennis Gathara
Dennis Gathara AssociateIKMNairobi
Purity Gathigia
Purity Gathigia AssociateIKMNairobi
Samuel Gekara
Samuel Gekara AssociateIKMNairobi
Esabel Gicheru
Esabel Gicheru AssociateIKMNairobi
Grace Gitau
Grace Gitau AssociateIKMNairobi
Leonard Githua
Leonard Githua AssociateIKMNairobi