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Energy and Natural Resources

Our energy and natural resources lawyers in Mauritius deliver to our clients the focused, innovative sector advice they need. 

We are entering an era of unprecedented demand for power generation and transmission, especially in Africa. This dynamic, together with the challenges we all face from climate change, is creating new opportunities for alternative energies and new technologies. 

Our energy clients receive coordinated, across-the-board coverage for their needs, including construction and projects, corporate, competition, regulatory, contractual, trading, litigation/arbitration, dispute resolution and tax issues. 

We also advise energy companies at the different steps of generating, transmitting and distributing energy on the national grid. 

In this space, Juristconsult Chambers’ energy practice has gained international recognition. We have been ranked as a Tier-1 firm in IFLR1000 Energy and Infrastructure 2016 (latest energy ranking for Mauritius).

Experience has included advising:

  • China Development Bank (CDB) as to matters of Mauritius law in connection with a wind power project in Pakistan.
  • Consortium Suzlon Pad Green Co. Ltd in connection with the financing, construction and supply and commissioning of a major wind farm which will have nameplate capacity of 29.4 MW to the resolution of 14 wind turbines to generate electrical energy to be sold on the national grid. The wind farm project value is approximately USD79 million.
  • Akiira Geothermal Limited on its share subscription by its investors and promoters with regard to the setting up of a 70 MW geothermal plant in Kenya.
  • ENGIE in connection with a LNG plant project.
  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP), established by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the UK on a result based financing of solar home systems electrical units in Nigeria through a Mauritius borrower.
  • Tier 1 firm Energy and Infrastructure (IFLR1000 2016) – latest IFLR1000 Energy ranking for Mauritius.

Exploration minière et géopolitique

L’Express a récemment publié une analyse signée de Jean-Claude de l’Estrac sur la géopolitique dans l’océan Indien, axée surtout sur les avancées de la Chine dans l’océan qui nous entoure.