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Media, Sport and Entertainment

Our lawyers in Mauritius are well positioned for advising the media, sport and entertainment industries, including on finance, borrowing, investment and corporate issues, production and rights acquisitions, exploiting media rights, intellectual property protection and enforcement, regulatory and administrative issues, antitrust and competition law. 

We provide our clients with expert advice on protecting their secrets, designs, ideas, commercial information, names and reputation and on maximizing the commercial value of their IP assets. 

We act as per the client recommendations where we have the capacity to draft legal contracts and to advice on copyright, defamation, label issues. Lawyers are also experienced for to represent clients for disputes and litigation cases.

Experience has included advising:

  • An international telecommunications and media company on its EUR134 million term loan facility from an international bank.
  • Manchester United Limited as to registration and the renewal on their trade mark.
  • A multinational advertising and public relations company in connection with its acquisition of a minority shareholding in an investment holding company in  Mauritius with shares in companies in several African countries
  • A major player in the film industry on various production and co-production agreements and assisting on litigation matters.