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Cecilia Marie Constance Gnango

Cecilia Marie Constance Gnango

Junior Associate, GENI & KEBE Lawyers

Cécilia Gnango is a junior lawyer with a degree in private law, legal advisor. As part of the Geni et Kebe team, she advises on various areas such as Employment, Finance and Projects, Corporate, Intellectual Property and ICT.

Experience has included advising:

  • As a team member, acquisition of a mining company
  • As a team member, a creation of an investment vehicle


Professional Qualifications

  • 2016, Legal trainee Cote d’Ivoire based Bank
  • 2019, Tax Assistant, Senegal based firm
  • 2019, Legal Assistant, Senegal based law firm


  • Master Degree, Université Amadou Hampaté Ba (2018)
  • Law degree, Université Amadou Hampaté Ba (2016)