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Employment Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers represent clients in a wide range of employment disputes and understand the legal, business and procedural developments in Uganda. We represent clients across all dispute resolution fora – labor offices, the Industrial Court and the Court of Appeal. 

Through innovative dispute resolution strategies and effective case management, we aim to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation proceedings, or through alternative methods such as negotiated settlements.

Experience has included advising:

  • African Field Epidemiology Network in landmark appellate proceedings which clarified the jurisdictional basis of the Industrial Court and the scope of statutory and common law remedies that can be awarded in an unfair dismissal claim.
  • MTN in appellate proceedings to challenge the excessive award of damages following the termination of an executive-level employment contract.
  • FINCA Uganda (regulated by the Central Bank) in proceeedings to defend the termination of top-level executives for misconduct. 
  • National Social Security Fund in contentious proceedings regarding the effectiveness of the lapse of contract of an executive employee.
  • Standard Chartered Bank in proceedings to defend the termination of a top-level executive for non-performance.
  • Stanbic Bank in novel jurisdictional disputes related to the nature and scope of assessment of workers’ compensation claims.
  • MTN in proceeedings to defend the termination of a top-level executive.