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Domestic Minimum Top Up Tax

This article discusses the Domestic Minimum Top Up Tax (DMTT) introduced into Zimbabwe’s tax legislation in 2024. It considers the impact of the DMTT on multi-national companies operating in Zimbabwe and its implications on foreign investment.

Value Addition in Africa: A Strategic Approach to Mineral Processing and Local Development.

Across the African continent, a transformative wave of policy changes is reshaping the mining sector. Nations such as Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Namibia are implementing bans on the export of unprocessed minerals, advocating for local processing prior to export. This strategic shift towards value addition, motivated by the aspiration to secure a larger portion of profits from their abundant resources, prompts an essential inquiry: Is Africa prepared for this transition?

Update: New Requirements for Special Economic Zone Designation

The Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (“ZIDA”) has introduced new requirements for Special Economic Zone (“SEZ”) designation. These requirements are outlined in the ZIDA (General Investments) regulations, Statutory Instrument 227 of 2023. The regulations provide for both investor licensing and registration, which are two separate processes.