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Energy and Natural Resources

Our energy and natural resources lawyers deliver to our clients the focused, innovative sector advice they need, in Zimbabwe and beyond. 

We are entering an era of unprecedented demand for power generation and transmission, especially in Africa. This dynamic, together with the challenges we all face from climate change, is creating new opportunities for alternative energies and new technologies. 

Our energy clients receive coordinated, across-the-board coverage for their needs, including construction and projects, corporate, competition, regulatory, contractual, trading, litigation/arbitration, dispute resolution and tax issues. We understand the technical, geographical, commercial and geopolitical factors that shape the industry and have first-hand access to contacts, sponsors and decision makers.

Experience has included advising:

  • A client in respect of their acquisition of a controlling interest in a Zimbabwean hydrocarbons company which holds a Special Grant for the exploration of hydrocarbons, in respect of the development of resource deposits, and the evaluation of the geophysical and geotechnical composition of the mineral resources owned by the target.
  • A DFI on a phased development of a 15 MW solar PV Project in Zimbabwe. Our mandate included conducting of a due diligence investigation on the local project company, bankability review of PPA, EPC and O&M contracts, advising on local regulatory landscape as well as assisting with general on-going legal transaction support.
  • EMC Continental Zimbabwe (Private) Limited on the acquisition of a participating interest in a solar PV power generation project in the Middle Sabi region of Zimbabwe.
  • Highlight deal adviser (IFLR1000 Energy and Infrastructure 2017)
  • Rainor Robinson, Highly regarded (IFLR100 Energy and Infrastructure 2017, 2018, 2019)

Value Addition in Africa: A Strategic Approach to Mineral Processing and Local Development.

Across the African continent, a transformative wave of policy changes is reshaping the mining sector. Nations such as Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Namibia are implementing bans on the export of unprocessed minerals, advocating for local processing prior to export. This strategic shift towards value addition, motivated by the aspiration to secure a larger portion of profits from their abundant resources, prompts an essential inquiry: Is Africa prepared for this transition?

Update: New Requirements for Special Economic Zone Designation

The Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (“ZIDA”) has introduced new requirements for Special Economic Zone (“SEZ”) designation. These requirements are outlined in the ZIDA (General Investments) regulations, Statutory Instrument 227 of 2023. The regulations provide for both investor licensing and registration, which are two separate processes.

Mining for a Brighter Future: How Renewable Energy and Mining Can Coexist in Southern Africa

The power challenges in the Southern African region have dominated the news in recent times. The region has ambitious energy transition goals, a mammoth challenge coupled with rapid population growth, economic development, and mining industry expansion, This article, will explore some of the issues and opportunities that arise from this complex situation and how mining companies can achieve their set extractive targets whilst committing to sustainable mining practices that underpin clean energy objectives.