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Litigation, Arbitration and Regulatory

Our litigation and regulatory lawyers in Zimbabwe are skilled in litigation, arbitration, investigations and alternative dispute resolution and will deploy that experience to help you devise the best strategies. Advising on regulatory law, we focus on areas such as international trade, antitrust and competition, global governance and more.' 

In an environment where regulation and its enforcement will only increase, we recognize that effective compliance and avoidance of regulatory intervention are business critical issues for our clients.

We have the local knowledge to apply the regulatory, economic, political and cultural context to legal issues and develop case strategies, including technically challenging or complex multi-jurisdictional matters.

Experience has included advising:

  • A regional microfinance institution in a shareholder dispute and claims amounting to USD500,000 before the African Institute of Mediation and Arbitration.
  • A financial institution before the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA) in its defending claims amounting to approximately USD6 million.
  • A commercial entity in the gold and mining sector in a potential upcoming arbitration before AFSA involving a claim of approximately USD15 million.
  • ZTE in a USD12.4 million tender dispute before the Administrative and Supreme Courts.
  • A real estate developer in a land ownership dispute worth over USD50 million.
  • New Avakash International, a distributor and wholesaler of healthcare products, in a tender dispute for the procurement of drugs for the Ministry of Health, before the Administrative and Supreme Courts.
  • A regional banking client in insolvency proceedings against a mining entity in the Chrome sector for the recovery of a debt in the sum of USD12 million, culminating in a restructuring plan by the creditors.
  • A software development company in a tender dispute before the Administrative and High Courts.

Implications of party conduct and key risks for parties who frustrate arbitral proceedings

The High Court (Commercial Division) in Kampala delivered an important decision relevant to arbitral practice in Uganda. In Miscellaneous Cause No. 021 of 2021 (Lakeside Dairy Limited v International Centre for Arbitration and Mediation in Kampala (ICAMEK) and Midland Emporium Limited), the Court declined to set aside an arbitral award rendered by an arbitral Tribunal under the auspices of ICAMEK as the administering institution under the ICAMEK Arbitration Rules.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Africa

DLA Piper Africa is uniquely positioned to handle Alternative Dispute Resolution cases in the African region as it has lawyers based in different countries who understand local nuances and policies.