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Our lawyers' experience in supply chain legal advice positions us to support the diverse needs of industrials in Zimbabwe and beyond. 

Regardless of the product, or the location of markets, successful industrials share many traits: a clear focus on customers’ needs, tight management of supply chains and continuous investment in research and development. 

Clients benefit from our knowledge as well as our commitment to practical, timely service, support and involvement in the sector. Our experience spans metals and construction materials, industrial and advanced engineering, chemicals and paints, automotive, aerospace, military and food and beverages,

Experience has included advising:

  • The Lesaffre Group, one of the world’s leading yeast manufacturers, in respect of its acquisition of 60% of the business of local yeast and fermentation manufacturer Anchor Yeast as a going concern worth US$14 million.
  • A cooking oil manufacturing company who required assistance in drafting its supply agreements and a legal opinion on its obligations in terms of changes in currency legislation.
  • Lesaffre on the lease of agricultural land, and related purchase of livestock and equipment for the purposes of conducting commercial farming activities at a farm in Gweru, Zimbabwe.
  • R&F Properties, a Chinese client, on the acquisition of a national owned steel manufacturing plant.