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Ronald Mutasa
Ronald Mutasa Consultant PartnerManokore AttorneysHarare
Jabulani Nhongo
Jabulani Nhongo Managing PartnerManokore AttorneysHarare
Farai Nyabereka
Farai Nyabereka PartnerManokore AttorneysHarare
Rainor Robinson
Rainor Robinson Consultant PartnerManokore AttorneysHarare

Additional team

Steve Chikengezha
Steve Chikengezha Senior AssociateManokore AttorneysHarare
Ruth Gumbo
Ruth Gumbo Senior AssociateManokore AttorneysHarare
Takunda Gumbu
Takunda Gumbu AssociateManokore AttorneysHarare
Kudakwashe Gweredza
Kudakwashe Gweredza AssociateManokore AttorneysHarare
Hilary Muza
Hilary Muza AssociateManokore AttorneysHarare
Savannah Robinson
Savannah Robinson Candidate AttorneyManokore AttorneysHarare
Tatenda Tendayi
Tatenda Tendayi Senior AssociateManokore AttorneysHarare
Dilys Tumbare
Dilys Tumbare AssociateManokore Attorneys