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Farai Nyabereka is a Partner at Manokore Attorneys, working across various Corporate practice groups, specifically Regulatory & Compliance, Projects & Infrastructure and Mining & Energy.

Farai has extensive experience dealing with regulatory issues across different sectors and has a keen understanding of the legislative and regulatory implications (ranging from investment licensing requirements, exchange control approvals to local empowerment laws) in respect of investments in Zimbabwe. She is experienced in providing corporate structuring advice for a variety of local and international clients. She also regularly advises clients on compliance mechanisms within their respective sectors.

Experience has included advising:

  • A multinational not for profit organization on drafting and reviewing all engagement agreements and policies
  • A South African DFI in conducting legal due diligences on proposed lending activities
  • A French conglomerate in the cement manufacturing sector in conducting a due diligence on local operations
  • Various international clients in obtaining Indigenisation Approval and advising clients on compliance mechanisms in the manufacturing, financial services, agriculture and gold mining sectors
  • Various international clients in obtaining investment licensing and regulatory approvals
  • A large German multinational agriculture business in obtaining exchange control in respect of an USD8 million loan facility
  • A large South African based financial services and insurance related company in respect of a USD22 million dollar offshore lending transaction and enforcement of local securitization mechanisms, and rendering advise in respect of the local regulatory implications of the transaction
  • A global food and detergent manufacturing company in conducting a large-scale compliance audit
  • A Chinese client in the acquisition of a national owned steel manufacturing plant, including engagement with government, assisting with obtaining the requisite approvals, conducting due diligence and on-going transaction advice
  • An international client on overseeing and negotiating regulatory approvals and permit applications, engaging with regulators and government departments

Professional Qualifications

  • Registered Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Zimbabwe (2013)


  • Rhodes University, South Africa, LLB (2011)


  • Member of the Law Society Zimbabwe
  • Compliance Society of Zimbabwe [Secretariat]

Emerging mining trends in resource nationalization in Southern Africa

Africa is still a frontier market, and this has often presented a unique opportunity for governments in African countries to create legal frameworks that attract sustainable investment. But Africa has always written its own rules. This has never been more apparent than in the governance structures of Africa’s major pulling factor – natural resources.

Zimbabwe’s current investment outlook

The ease of doing business reforms embarked upon by the Government of Zimbabwe in 2016 were intended to have the resultant effect of significantly altering the current investment landscape in Zimbabwe.

A new era for Zimbabwe?

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development in his 2018 National Budget Speech titled ‘’A New Economic Order’’ first announced the proposed amendments to the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act.