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Our corporate lawyers support Zimbabwe's leading enterprises, funds, emerging startup companies and financial institutions in their development and investment activities.

From public and private mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and venture capital to private and public equity and debt offerings, we assist clients through all stages of their transactions to ensure successful deal outcomes. 

Our clients benefit from a valuable combination of global insight and local knowledge that allows us to handle all aspects of complex domestic and cross-border corporate transactions. Understanding the industry and the day-to-day issues faced by our clients is critical to our success.

Experience has included advising:

  • Redan Petroleum in respect of the acquisition by Puma Energy of 60% of Redan Petroleum’s shareholding worth USD13 million, including drafting the necessary acquisition and security documents to give effect to the transaction
  • Lesaffre Group in respect of its acquisition of 60% of the business of local yeast and fermentation manufacturer Anchor Yeast as a going concern worth USD14 million, including drafting the necessary acquisition and security documents to give effect to the transaction
  • Invictus Energy’s acquisition of a controlling interest in a Zimbabwean hydrocarbons company which holds a Special Grant for the exploration of such hydrocarbons, in respect of the development of resource deposits, and the evaluation of the geophysical and geotechnical composition of the mineral resources owned by the target.
  • Contango Holdings plc on the acquisition of a majority stake in Monaf Investments (Private) Limited, a company registered in Zimbabwe, which holds the Lubu Coal Project under an exploration license that is currently in the process of being upgraded to a mining licence
  • An Australian multinational on the disposal of shares in a company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and assisting the client with the remittance of the proceeds of the disposal
  • A Chinese client on the acquisition of a national owned steel manufacturing plant, including conducting a legal due diligence and on-going transaction advice.
  • A UK based mining investment company on the acquisition of a Zimbabwean nickel mining company.
  • Active firm in Financial and Corporate (IFLR1000 2017)

Commercial papers and debentures

Institutional investors and money market mutual funds typically find that they can obtain a higher rate of return on their investment through the use of commercial papers or debentures.

Setting up a company in Zimbabwe

Commercial Law Firms in Zimbabwe are increasingly mandated to advise on the procedures which must be followed in-order to set up a company in Zimbabwe.