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Responsible business


Manokore Attorneys believes in investing in the local community by promoting the rule of law and supporting access to justice and fair procedures for the most vulnerable. Regardless of economic or social standing, Manokore Attorneys is pleased to offer its expertise and high standard of service to individuals and organizations who would otherwise not be able to afford legal services. In addition to benefitting the community, Manokore Attorneys regards pro bono work as an important aspect of a lawyer’s professional responsibility and development. 

Therefore, the purpose of the Manokore Attorneys pro bono program is to invest in the community, promote access to justice and inclusivity while simultaneously affording the lawyers at Manokore Attorneys an opportunity to take a responsible citizen approach to legal practice and benefit from the professional development pro bono work offers.

Our projects

Strategic partnership with Chenge to Zimbabwe Trust
Strategic partnership with Chenge to Zimbabwe Trust

Partnering with Chenge to Zimbabwe Trust, an organization dedicated to preventing gender-based violence, and advocating for social justice and girl-child empowerment. Manokore Attorneys is responsible for reviewing all their legal agreements and offer pro bono legal advisory services.