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Steve seamlessly integrates across practice groups (Employment, Regulatory & Compliance, Litigation, and ADR) to deliver impactful solutions. His deep knowledge of corporate, employment, insolvency, and mining law enable him to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and consistently deliver innovative solutions and positive outcomes for clients.

Driven by a passion for the mining industry and unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, Steve utilizes his comprehensive knowledge of mining law, regulations, and water rights to empower clients. He has a proven track record of achieving tangible results, including securing environmental permits for large-scale mining projects, navigating water use licenses, and optimizing compliance strategies. His expertise extends to administrative law, investment law, town planning, and building regulations, making him a one-stop solution for navigating the intricate legal landscape of the mining sector.







  • Advising various international clients in obtaining investment licensing and regulatory approvals
  • Advising an ASX listed company and its local subsidiary with respect to its lithium exploration project in Zimbabwe.
  • Advised a major Canadian gold producer on its proposed acquisition of a gold mine asset in Zimbabwe, this included conducting a legal due diligence on the target, advising on the legal and regulatory aspect of the mining operations including fiscal/tax and environmental implications, advising on the investment structure, engaging with high level policy lobbying and incentives with the relevant line Ministry as well as review and advising on transaction
  • Advised various Client in respect of the disposal of minority stake of shareholding in their Zimbabwean mining companies.
  • Advised an international client in engaging various regulators in respect of setting up a telemedicine project in Zimbabwe.
  • Advising and leading litigation strategy for various clients in mining related and cross-border insolvency disputes.

Professional Qualifications

  • Registered Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Zimbabwe
  • Registered Notary Public and Conveyancer of the High Court of Zimbabwe


  • LLB (University of South Africa)
  • LLM Corporate Law (University of South Africa) (Cand.)
  • Certificate in Drafting Patents - World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)


  • Law Society of Zimbabwe

Value Addition in Africa: A Strategic Approach to Mineral Processing and Local Development.

Across the African continent, a transformative wave of policy changes is reshaping the mining sector. Nations such as Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Namibia are implementing bans on the export of unprocessed minerals, advocating for local processing prior to export. This strategic shift towards value addition, motivated by the aspiration to secure a larger portion of profits from their abundant resources, prompts an essential inquiry: Is Africa prepared for this transition?

Mining for a Brighter Future: How Renewable Energy and Mining Can Coexist in Southern Africa

The power challenges in the Southern African region have dominated the news in recent times. The region has ambitious energy transition goals, a mammoth challenge coupled with rapid population growth, economic development, and mining industry expansion, This article, will explore some of the issues and opportunities that arise from this complex situation and how mining companies can achieve their set extractive targets whilst committing to sustainable mining practices that underpin clean energy objectives.