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Zimbabwe redefines its position as a socially conscious business

We are collaborating with a variety of innovative and impactful non-profit clients to maximise our Pro Bono impact for communities in need.  These organisations  reflect our commitment to creating  a fostering environment for clients aiming to empower low-income communities, contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and improving community sensitization and dialogue, particularly in the fields of children’s rights, gender-based violence and mental health.

 Our partners include:

  • The Friendship Bench: A local and internationally acclaimed group of psychiatrists who have developed an innovative method to provide free and affordable evidence-based counselling to community members suffering from emotional trauma and depression. 
  • Chengeto Africa: Through effective use of print, radio, television, online and social mediums, Chengeto Africa is working towards achieving social justice and transformation by challenging the systems and norms that promote and perpetuate the marginalization and abuse of girls and women. 
  • Zimbabwe National Covid Action Trust (ZINCAT): The organisations main objective is to harness private sector resources in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.  ZINCAT’s mission is to alleviate the burden of diagnosis and treatment on the central Government and assist with the protection and support of healthcare workers. 
  • Sprout Coding: Sprout teaches computer coding, entrepreneurship and business development skills to young adults from low-income neighbourhoods. After a free 12-week computer coding curriculum graduates are encouraged to volunteer to teach incoming students and transition into paid instructors. 
  • Business Fighting Covid Trust: A coalition of Zimbabwean businesses which have come together to set up a national corporate social responsibility initiative to help mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
  • Ramangwana Trust: Ramangwana is the custodian of a series of projects within Zimbabwe aimed at promoting inclusion, equality, entrepreneurship, access to health and education.

Commenting on the increase of Pro Bono clients, work and partnerships, Real Estate associate and Zimbabwe Pro Bono Coordinator Christabel Shava said:

"Sometimes the people who are on the frontlines doing hard work for our neediest of neighbours and communities need help only lawyers can give. It is such an honour to advise them and pass down the goodwill along the chain"