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Manokore Attorneys
61 Princess Drive,
T: +263 242 746 749
[email protected]
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Firm overview

Manokore Attorneys is a Pan-African focused business law firm based in Zimbabwe. We are comprised of a team of well exposed, diverse and attentive lawyers that is regularly structuring and executing innovative transactions in both local and international markets.

Through our solutions-driven, business focused approach to matters we have made great strides in helping to bridge the gap between the public sector and the private sector in our role as facilitators of various commercial transactions, including playing a key role in facilitating foreign direct investment into Zimbabwe. We take pride in our ability to execute with efficiency and we have taken a fresh perspective to the practice of law in Zimbabwe through providing our clients with practical, innovative and technologically-driven legal solutions. 

We have achieved rapid recognition in the local, regional and international markets as a firm that is solutions-driven and which is geared toward assisting clients in the successful execution of commercial transactions. We have established a strong reputation as a "go-to" firm for advice and assistance on public and private mergers and acquisitions, real estate and property development, oil and gas, mining, investment inflows from foreign capital source markets and a comprehensive understanding of reinvestment in different spheres of the commercial sector, which are informed by our areas of operation. 

The focus of the firm’s services is on key sector economic drivers and we have handled matters that involve mobilizing capital from development finance institutions, Pan-African financial institutions and international banks as well as private investors.

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