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Renewable Energy in Africa

Renewable Energy in Africa

The African continent, with a population exceeding one billion people and an estimated combined economy of USD1.5 trillion, presents huge opportunities for investors, developers and operators across the renewable energy sector.

Fintech as the driver for growth in Africa’s banking sector

Fintech as the driver for growth in Africa’s banking sector

Access to financial services is a widely acknowledged tool for promoting credit creation and enhancing capital accumulation, and thereby increasing the levels of investment and economic activity. Fintech offers a transformational solution for Africa’s banking sector.

How coronavirus COVID-19 will affect big ticket projects

Kenyans have been in a state of panic since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). From a projects perspective, contractors have been a particularly worried lot, seeing as the pandemic has affected supply chains and their ability to meet their contractual obligations.

Coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact on loans and real estate arrangements in Kenya

In the wake of the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, the real estate and loan markets in Kenya are bound to be affected. On 16 March 2020, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of Kenya revealed that three (and now 25) patients had tested positive for the virus culminating in presidential directives towards preventing its spread to the rest of the population

Private equity in East Africa

Private equity is a type of investment class that involves the purchase of interests in private companies. While some investors may opt to purchase shares in publicly-traded companies such as those listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, private equity investors instead focus on acquiring controlling stakes in private companies, often referred to as "portfolio companies."

Business interruption: closure of government offices and registries

In this time of growing uncertainty, we recognize that many of our clients are experiencing significant business disruption and facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. We are carefully monitoring global developments, and adhering to recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Government of Kenya. In response to this, we have put in place business continuity plans to ensure that we can continue to seamlessly provide our services remotely should the need arise.

Annulment of the Retirement Benefits (Occupational Retirement Benefits Schemes) (Amendment) Regulations, 2019

The Government, through the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Planning published Legal Notice Number 88 of 2019 dated 13th June, 2019 which amended the Retirement Benefits (Occupational Retirement Benefits Schemes) Regulations, 2000 (the “Regulations”). Regulation 19 (5) (a) (ii) was amended to read as follows: “the scheme rules shall provide that: where a member leaves employment after vesting of his benefits but before attaining the specified early retirement age, he may opt for payment of his own contribution where he is a member of a defined contribution scheme.