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How employers can use Artificial Intelligence in data protection era

How employers can use Artificial Intelligence in data protection era

Over the past few years, the world has witnessed increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) in almost every sphere of life. Some of the AI solutions such as ChatGPT by OpenAI have drawn immense public attention and are said to be “revolutionary”. Governments and businesses world-wide are exploring ways of integrating AI into the economy and businesses

Fixed-term contracts shocker

Fixed-term contracts shocker

If you are employed on a fixed-term contract, prepare to go home on the expiry date unless your employer advises you otherwise. Indeed, the preparation should start from the day you sign the contract. That is the latest, crisp albeit stone-cold advisement from the Court of Appeal.

Exit options in commercial leases

Inflation rates in Kenya have steadily increased impacting the cost of living. One of the sectors affected is the real estate sector where inflation has resulted in increased construction costs, property values, rent and other operational and maintenance costs such as service charge

Can distress investing turn around struggling companies in Kenya?

Many experiences with distressed businesses in Kenya culminate in a lose-lose scenario in which both creditors and business owners register substantial losses. Despite the attempts by the Insolvency Act 2015 to cure such outcomes by introducing novel approaches such as administration and Company Voluntary Arrangements to rescue distressed companies, the intended effect has proved elusive.

Why real estate investment trusts are not adequately contributing to affordable housing

The ever increasing rural to urban migration has led to a proliferation of informal settlements with little or no social amenities such as water, drainage and sewerage systems. This situation has rendered article 43 of the Constitution which inter alia, entitles every person a right to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation, nugatory.

Employee consent not required for variation of employment terms

The extent to which an employer can change the terms of employment without the consent of the employee has always vexed employers but was severely tested during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that dark period many employers found themselves unable to sustain their contractual obligations to the employees due to the financial and logistical challenges posed by the pandemic.