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Banking & finance

Chambers Global Practice Guides

By Anne Kinyanjui

Chambers Global is a leading legal directory that ranks the world's best lawyers and law firms based on in-depth objective research. As one of the highly ranked law firms in Kenya, IKM was invited by Chambers Global to be the exclusive contributor to the Kenya Chapter on Banking & Finance by Global Practice Guide, 2018, a task that IKM was honoured to accept.

Chambers Global Practice Guides provide in-house counsel with expert legal commentary on the main practice areas in key jurisdictions around the world. The guides focus on the practical legal issues affecting business and enable the reader to compare legislation and procedure across a range of key jurisdictions.

IKM’s contribution covered in-depth research on the recent trends in the banking & financial services sector landscape including the legal, tax and regulatory regimes, developments and future outlook. This has now been published and we are delighted to share the chapter with you.

Click below for a copy of the guide: