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International arbitration publication

By Kamau Karori

IKM is pleased to announce that Kamau Karori and Ken Melly have authored one of the chapters, titled ‘The Attitude of Kenyan Courts towards Arbitration’ in a  newly published book titled ‘Rethinking the Role of African National Courts in Arbitration’. The book is published by Kluwer Law International (“Kluwer Law”), one of the leading international arbitration publishing houses under the auspices of the Wolters Kluwer Law & Business division which enjoys a longstanding reputation and global reach, currently serving over 180 countries.

Based on its strong reputation and recognition as one of the global publishing leaders over the last close to two centuries, Kluwer Law is the publisher of choice for most of the highly acclaimed international institutions and distinguished practitioners in the international arbitration space. The publication, which is scheduled for official launch in London on 23rd July, 2018 is a momentous step that will give the firm significant international exposure and progressively grow the international arbitration practice.

Copies of the book cover and the PDF version of the relevant chapter are attached. The book is already available for purchase online (US$ 220.00 on Amazon) and will be distributed to various stores. The first set of hard copy versions is expected in Nairobi over the next couple of days and can be accessed here: