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Director Oversight of ESG: Navigating the board’s role and building an ESG competent board

18 Nov 2021
12:00 pm WAT
Zoom webinar

There has been a monumental awakening to environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability issues, especially in the last decade. The COVID-19 and other recent events have brought even greater attention to the critical nature of ESG and how urgently these matters need to be resolved. Globally, leading companies, institutional investors and regulators are actively making significant commitments towards ESG, which also contributes to the pressure on companies to have ESG footprint and incorporate sustainability principles into their business models and long-term strategies.

Panelists include:

Join us and gain insights from the world’s foremost experts on ESG, exploring pressing concerns and questions faced by directors within the context of the current African business landscape. This webinar by is centered on enlightening directors on their constantly changing role of improving and maintaining long-term enterprise value, and navigating environmental sustainability expectations through:

  • Building ESG competency and fluency on the board;
  • Structuring board committees for ESG oversight;
  • Aligning executive compensation with ESG performance;.
  • Identifying, assessing, and mitigating ESG risks;
  • Engaging with investors on ESG; and
  • Disclosing ESG risks and opportunities.

Directors will gain an in depth understanding of the board’s unique role in overseeing ESG, developing an ESG competent board, and increasing the board’s impact across a broad array of ESG issues. Participants will also be able to identify key opportunities for companies and how directors can ensure that their companies derive long-term value from incorporating ESG and sustainability principles into their business model and corporate strategies.

 Who Should Attend:

  • Chairman, Directors of Companies;
  • C-Suite Executives & Senior Managers of companies;
  • Investors, Fund Managers & Investment Officers;
  • Regulatory Officials;
  • ESG Officers, Impact Officers & Human Resource Directors, etc.