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Real Estate

The real estate sector is always evolving in line with changes in the local and global economy. This evolution has brought with it a focus on alternative sources of funding for real estate developments, and an increase in joint venture initiatives and cross border transactions.

The ability of our lawyers to adapt to these changes and strive continuously to create and provide novel practical solutions and quality services that meet the clients’ expectations is a testimonial to our experience and expertise in the real estate terrain both locally and on the global scene.

Our understanding of the real estate sector from the basics throughout the life cycle of any transaction helps us to resolve challenges and proffer practical and commercially viable solutions to support our clients’ businesses.

We rely on our vast experience garnered over five decades in execution and management of complex real estate projects involving due diligence, negotiations, documentation, resolving legal issues and regulatory compliance, dispute resolution.

We regularly advise leading local and multinational companies, developers, banks, retailers and borrowers on 'big ticket' transactions with respect to a wide range of real estate activities including Joint Venture developments (commercial and residential), real estate finance, acquisitions and disposals, State land allocation and compulsory acquisition of land by government, shopping malls and office complex development, mixed use developments, construction, real estate tax matters, land use planning and zoning, residential and commercial leasing, development leases, estate management, environmental issues and real estate litigation.

Experience has included advising:

  • The purchaser in the acquisition of over 40 hectares of land at Eko Atlantic City, Lagos for the development of the proposed Eko Energy City.
  • Solar Gardens Projects Ltd, the owner and developer of the Royal Gardens Estate, Lekki Lagos which comprise of 145 hectares of prime residential estate
  • The developer of the luxury Eko Pearl Towers Project located at Eko Atlantic City, Victoria Island, Lagos in the sales/subleasing of the multi-story building apartments
  • Oando Plc in Vitol/Helios on a USD461 million joint venture and divestment transaction
  • The developer of residential real estates with a total land area of over 80 hectares situated at different locations within the upscale Lekki area of Lagos State valued at over USD100 million
  • Oando Plc in various real estate transactions in respect to acquisition of interests in property for use as offices, lube plants and service stations for a period spanning over a decade
  • The developer on a joint venture real estate development located at Victoria Island, Lagos worth over USD30 million
  • The owner of approximately 1,500,000 m2 of prime property in Lagos State, valued at over USD300 million in all disputes regarding title ownership

Realworld law: Nigeria

The Realworld Law is an essential guide that shares our knowledge and expertise about how the laws relating to the real estate sector work in Nigeria.