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Litigation, Arbitration and Regulatory

Our litigation and regulatory lawyers in Nigeria are skilled in litigation, debt and assets tracing and recovery, tax investigations and disputes, arbitration, investigations and alternative dispute resolution and will deploy that experience to help you devise the best strategies and find the best commercial solution for your specific need. We advise our clients to anticipate and avoid disputes, and where this is not possible, we advise on the best and most effective methods of resolving these disputes. 

In advising on regulatory law we focus on governance and compliance. We recognize that effective compliance and avoidance of regulatory intervention are business critical issues for our clients. Our dispute resolution experts have a solution-based philosophy built around you and your needs.

Experience has included advising:

  • A multinational company in several litigation disputes against various parties across several courts of record in Nigeria regarding an oil and gas project valued at about USD300 million
  • A minority shareholder in a petition for minority protection against a leading telecommunications company for unfairly prejudicial conduct
  • An investment firm in recovery of debt, bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings against its debtors
  • An international technology solutions company in a dispute with its Nigerian affiliate
  • A multinational company in winding up a Nigerian company in an effort to enforce a monetary court judgement worth USD22 million
  • The operators of one of the largest shopping malls in Nigeria in disputes against its tenants, as well as assisting in recovery of premises
  • On instituting a negligence claim against a Nigerian airline and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority concerning the death of a passenger, obtaining favourable judgement
  • A petitioner seeking to enforce its minority protection rights in an action at the Federal High Court of Nigeria. We obtained a favourable outcome in the suit, as our client settled to sell its shares at a price of NGN22.5 billion.

Copyright infringement and litigation

Copyright in films are in the category of private intellectual rights and only the copyright owner can enforce an infringement of the copyright in his film.