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Media, Sport and Entertainment

Our lawyers in Nigeria are at the forefront of advising the media, sport and entertainment industries on the key issues they face. Our experience covers finance, borrowing, investment and corporate issues, production and rights acquisitions, exploiting media rights, staging and exploiting live sports and other events, intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement, regulatory and administrative issues, antitrust and competition law, stadium and arena development, disputes and dispute resolution. 

Client work includes advising leagues, clubs, franchise owners, eSports providers, broadcasters, advertisers, international and national governing bodies, rights holders, agencies and promoters, studios, distributors, event promoters, sponsors, investors, banks, and other leading corporations and individuals.

Experience has included advising:

  • Supersport International Proprietary Limited in an action for an alleged breach of its broadcast rights over Nigeria Premier League matches
  • Mavin Records Limited on the restructuring of its assets and acquisition by a private equity firm
  • A company on the partial sale of its equity stake in a leading advertising company
  • A multinational entertainment and record label investing in a Nigerian record label
  • A leading Nigerian record label in negotiating the first ever private equity deal in Nigeria’s music industry
  • One of Nigerian’s foremost music download websites on various aspects including content acquisition and distribution of works whose creators are on the repertoire of the Copyright Society of Nigeria
  • The estate of one of Nigeria’s musical icons for production of a stage musical based on their life by a leading production company
  • The organizer of Africa’s largest music festival on agreements including: sponsorship; recording, broadcast and streaming; content exploitation; competition terms and conditions; submission and location releases; licenses and assignments; performance contracts; media partnerships; content production; and merchandising licenses.
  • A subscription-based TV company on all aspects of operations including content acquisition, content production, operational licensing from regulatory bodies, financing agreements, and brand protection.
  • The producers of one of Nigeria’s most acclaimed animated children’s TV shows on content creation, engagement of cast and crew, financing, co-production, content licensing and acquisition, and character merchandising.