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Frequently Asked Questions Re Copyright Ownership And Licensing

By Adewumi Salami

What is protected by copyright in Nigeria?

Literary works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films, sound recordings and broadcasts1.

As a copyright owner, what rights are conferred on me?

This is largely subject to the class of copyright work involved. Generally, copyright owners enjoy the exclusive right to reproduce, commercially distribute copies of the work, publish the work and make an adaptation of the work.

Who owns the copyright in photographs?

  • Unless there is a contract to the contrary, the photographer is automatically regarded as the copyright owner.
  • The copyright owner has exclusive rights to that photograph.
  • The exclusive rights are reproduction, distribution, publication, inclusion in a cinematograph film, and making an adaptation of the photograph 

What do I do if someone uses my works/content without permission?

Save for recognized exceptions under the law (e.g. fair dealing for research and private use, parody, pastiche or caricature, use for educational purposes in an educational institution etc.), the use of any copyright work without the author's permission constitutes an infringement of the author's copyright. Where a suspected infringement has occurred, it is always best that you seek legal advice. Contacting the suspected infringe is also an option. If you decide to take legal action, there are a number of remedies that you can seek from the court e.g. an injunction, award of damages etc.

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