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Transactional Tax Planning

Our transactional tax lawyers in Zimbabwe are committed to advancing transactions to meet the objectives of our clients. 

In doing so, we often collaborate with our clients’ internal tax and accounting departments, and engage accounting firms and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority as well as tax lawyers in other jurisdictions, to design the most advantageous structure yielding optimal after-tax results, lowering effective tax rates or otherwise achieving our clients’ commercial and tax specific goals.

Experience has included advising:

  • A private equity firm operating across four jurisdictions on tax structuring and transactional tax planning including exchange control requirements.
  • A property developer regarding VAT and capital gains tax planning for its operations.
  • In general transactional tax advice to prospective foreign investors.
  • A corporate client regarding restrictions on tax, investments and distributions, debt and equity investments.
  • A corporate client with tax advice in a complex property transaction.