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Individual and tax compliance certificates required for work permit renewal applications

By William Maema and Christine Njau

The Government of Kenya through the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is keen on ensuring that all companies carrying on business and all persons employed in Kenya, both local and foreign, remit their taxes as prescribed by law.

To this end, the Department of Immigration Services (DIS) has issued a directive that effective today, 1 July 2019, all work permit renewal applications must be accompanied by Individual and Company Tax Compliance Certificates (TCC). The DIS will not accept applications without a TCC.

Although not expressly stated  in the DIS Directive, we expect that company TCC’s shall also be required for initial work permit and special pass applications.

Impact on business: very high

  • Employers, employees and persons carrying on business or trade in Kenya must ensure that they comply with all statutory tax requirements
  • All applicants must consider the additional time required to obtain a TCC and adjust application lead-time

We shall continue to update you as we receive more information from the DIS.