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Submission of employees list sheets

We hereby remind the business community and other interested parties that the Employees’ List Sheets pertaining to the employers’ staff shall be submitted up to 31 May this year, an extended period established by Ministerial Diploma nº 87/2018 of 27 September, compared to the previous diploma (Ministerial Diploma nº 104/2015 of 27 November,) which established until 30 April.

The Employees´ List must be submitted on the official website of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security ("MITESS"), which allows the completion, submission and management of the Employees List Sheets, called e-FRN.

The Employees' List Sheet, is the list of all employees (national and foreign) in the service of the employer, which includes among other details, information on the salary, level and qualifications, and it should portray the situation of all employees of the employer until March 31 of each year.

It should be remembered that failure to comply with this labor obligation in due time, can cause employers to incur fines ranging from 5 to 10 minimum wages in force in their sector of activity, as established in the Labor Law (Law No.23/2007, of 1 August), in addition to prejudicing the process of hiring of foreign employees.

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