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Update of the Taxpayer Data at the National Institute of Social Security

We hereby inform that the National Institute of Social Security – “INSS”, is carrying out a campaign to raise awareness on the need of updating the taxpayers data in the system.

For the purpose, the taxpayers shall visit an INSS branch and submit the original or visible and duly certified copy of the following documents:

  • Identification document;
  • NUIT (the taxpayer number);
  • Household identification documents; and
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable).

It is recommended that employers advise their employees on the need to update their data as well as how they may assist them with this process.

It is worth noting that, the campaign addresses employees working in companies, self-employed people and those in situation of voluntary maintenance. in addition. It is further recommended that employers whose data require an update, such as, change of address, change of legal representative, among others, proceed with the updating.