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Refusal of entry of the foreign citizen under the new Legal Regime of the Foreign Citizen

We hereby inform the business community and other interested parties that Law No. 23/2022, of 29 December, the new Legal Regime of the Foreign Citizen which revokes Law No. 5/93, of 28 December, establishes, among other reasons, the refusal of entry of a foreign citizen into national territory when he:

  1. Has been fined on previous occasions for violation of immigration laws and has not paid the respective fine;
  2. Holds an entry visa that is inappropriate for the purposes of his stay; and
  3. Does not know his place of accommodation.

Furthermore, we inform you that the refusal of entry is immediately communicated to the interested party and, subsequently, to the diplomatic or consular representation of the country of origin of the foreign citizen.

The refusal of entry is also communicated to the carrier for deportation purposes, and the foreign national remains in the custody of the migration authorities in temporary detention centers until he is deported to his country of provenience.