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Mónica Barros

Mónica Barros

Associate, SAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda.

Mónica Barros is a Lawyer, Advisor in the Projects, Energy & Infrastructure Practice Group. She provides legal advice to companies and local and foreign investors in the energy and natural resources sector. Her practice focuses on oil and gas, power, environment, and renewable energy. In addition, her experience includes investment and business promotion, commercial and company law.

Professional Qualifications

  • Analysis of the validity and adequacy of licenses and authorizations required for electricity and mining projects;
  • Verification of compliance with legal obligations related to energy projects;
  • Assistance with the environmental due diligence of a Central Processing Plant.
  • Assistance in the process of obtaining specific licenses for the construction of electrical facilities;
  • Assistance in the process of incorporation of companies, amendment of statutes and opinions on various corporate issues, including due diligence, regularization of the legal status of incorporation and licensing of companies.
  • Legal assistance and follow-up of investment projects at APIEX (Investment and Export Promotion Agency) and GAZEDA, for the implementation of projects and business of several companies, national and foreign.
  • Assistance in the process of the applicability of the Cape Town Convention and aircraft registration in Mozambique.
  • Legal opinion about the legal capacity of Mozambican aviation companies.
  • Assistance in the incorporation of an Association in Mozambique.
  • Legal Assistance in the registration of the NGO before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Prior experience

  • SAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda. – Consultant, January 2023 to present
  • Couto, Graça & Associados. Lda. – Laywer, December 2017 – December 2022
  • Couto, Graça & Associados. Lda. –– Trainee Lawyer, Outubro 2015 – December 2017.
  • Rui Riobom e Associados (Porto- Portugal) – Trainee Laywer, February 2011 – Maio 2015.


  • Member of the Mozambican Bar Association (OAM)