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Chief Olajide Oyewole Football Tournament

Olajide Oyewole LLP, had the final matches of the inter-practice group – Chief Olajide Oyewole Football Tournament. Our Corporate Service played against General Practice team for 3rd place while the Admin team will be played against Advisory team for the finals.

Congratulations to the Advisory Services Group (ASG), the winners of the 1st Edition of the Chief Olajide Oyewole Football Tournament (COOFT) and all Olajide Oyewole LLP  groups able to participate. It was good fun.

Mr Olusola Pearce, Chairman DHL presented the trophy to the captain of the team – Muyiwa Ogungbenro.

In the words of the late American footballer George Halas: ‘Nobody whoever gave his best ever regretted it.’

Our special guests at the COOFT final match (L-R) Ayo Oyewole - M.D. Triton Aviation, Olusola Pearce - Chairman DHL, Adegboyega Adegoke – ED Finance ODENL and Vivien Shobo – MD Agusto & Co.