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Entertainment Law Conference

“Setting up a corporate structure involves having the right management, marketing communication, sales and business development team. Talents should get the right partners to work with and acquire the essential rights to protect their creative work "
- Samuel Salako, Partner at Olajide Oyewole LLP. 

He was the keynote speaker at the Entertainment Law Connect Conference 2018 that held in Lagos on 12th April, 2018. Samuel spoke on making the entertainment business structure suitable for investors. 

Abisodun Adewale and Otu Ukoyen both Senior Associates at Olajide Oyewole LLP also moderated the second and forth panel discussion at the Entertainment Law Connect Conference 2018. The panelists discussed on the various approach to building the publishing and licensing system of musical works in Nigeria. They shared their views on the prospects, challenges and legal issues in producing music festivals and tours in Nigeria.

Some of the panelists include Olayemi Oladapo , Johnny Drille, Oyinkansola Fawehinmi, Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, dapo-simon ajeniya, Chinedu Okeke, Godwin Tom.