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Highlights of the Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance 2018

How will if affect Nigerian companies?

By Bola Tinubu

The  Financial Reporting  Council  of  Nigeria ("the  FRC or the Council")   recently issued  the   Nigerian  Code of  Corporate Governance  (“the Code”) pursuant to the powers conferred on it by Sections  11 (c) and 51(c) of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria Act on  1st  January  2019. The Code  has been formulated  to promote  and institutionalise corporate governance best practices in Nigerian  companies.

At Olajide Oyewole  LLP. we have a deep understanding of the critical function of an effective governance framework In achieving the long-term success of a business,  and we provide in this Newsletter,  the highlights of the Code and its implications on its stakeholders.

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