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Reduction of procedures for setting up companies

We hereby inform the business community and other interested parties that the One Stop Shop (“BAU”) of Maputo City, has recently approved an Order, as published in the Official Gazette no. 99, III Series, dated 28 May 2020, in terms of which it approved the unification of the following services related to the incorporation of legal entities, and their respective transfer to the Back Office: (i) Legal Entities Registry; (ii) Tax Authorities; (iii) Social Security Services; (iv) National Press (i.e. publication of Articles of Association); and, (v) Labour Administration.

As a result of the unification mentioned above, the procedures for registering an entity should reduce from 11 to 4.

Based on the information provided to us by the One Stop Shop of Maputo City, the applicants will now be able to coordinate all the procedures related to the registration of a company in the One Stop Shop. Furthermore, BAU will also simplify a few procedures, so that the process can be concluded within a short period of time. For instance, up to now, certain steps were dependent on the conclusion of others (e.g. in to obtain the NUIT, the company should first have its Articles of Association published, considering that the details of the Official Gazette were one of the requirements to apply for a NUIT. However, BAU will not require details of the Official Gazette, and one will be able to apply for a NUIT right after finalizing the commercial registration of the company).

Note that this Order has entered into force immediately, i.e. with effects from 28 May 2020.