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Approval of accounts of Mozambican companies, deliberation on application of results, and appointment of members of corporate bodies

We hereby inform the business community and other interested parties that the date for the approval of the company´s accounts and corporate deliberation on the application of year’s results approaches. Note that in accordance with the Commercial Code, the company´s General Assembly must hold a meeting, within three months immediately following the end of each financial year to deliberate on, among other matters, the balance sheet and management report, as well as the application of results.

Therefore, all companies whose financial year runs from 01 January to 31 December, must proceed with the approval of accounts by 31 March of the current year.

It should be noted that, the documents related to the company’s accounts shall be disclosed to the shareholders together with other annual General Assembly meeting preparatory information up to the date of sending or publication of notices for the referred General Assembly meeting.

We also inform you that this meeting of General Assembly should also deliberate on the appointment of the members of the corporate bodies of the company, namely, the Fiscal Council or Statutory Auditor, as applicable, and Management (members of the Board of Directors or Directors), if their mandates have expired or they have not yet been appointed.

These matters are subject to commercial registration.