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Entry into effect of the new fees levied by the Competition Regulatory Authority

We hereby inform the business community and other interested parties that new fees to be levied by the Competition Regulatory Authority (CRA) were approved through Ministerial Diploma no. 77/2021, of 16 August, which approves the Fee Schedule applicable to the procedures carried out before the CRA (the MD 77/2021). The fees are as follows:





Submission of Exemption Request

200.000,00 MT


Exemption Annuity

150.000,00 MT


CRA Opinion

40.000,00 MT


Business concentration (mergers/acquisition) notifications

0,11% of the business volume of the financial year preceding the notification and is capped at 2.250.000,00 MT (two million, two hundred and fifty thousand Meticais)


Copies of certificates (even in electronic form)

40,00 MT per page

 MD 77/2021 revokes the previous fee schedule approved by Ministerial Diploma no. 79/2015, of 5 June. It should be noted that the only amendment introduced to the Fee Schedule relates to the fees applicable to the submission of a merger notification in the terms indicated above.

The new fees entered into effect on the date of publication of MD 77/2021, i.e. 16 August 2021.

As recently reported, the CRA has recently become operational and is currently addressing merger operations of companies which meet the criteria established in the competition legislation for mandatory prior notification. Therefore, it is advisable that the business community obtains the relevant advice in order to ensure compliance with the obligations and limitations provided under the competition legislation in force, so as to avoid any fines and related economic consequences.