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Competition Regulatory Authority Website

We hereby inform the business community and other interested parties about the website of the Mozambican Competition Regulatory Authority ("CRA"), which is operational via the link

We remind you that the CRA is an independent administrative body, whose main statutory mission is to ensure the application of the rules for the promotion and defense of competition in economic activity in Mozambique.

On CRA's website you can access, among other information, the publications of the CRA's decisions on mergers, anti-competitive practices and others. Also available on the CRA website is a Guide of Competition Good Practices for Business Associations, which aims to clarify and guide the development of their activities in matters where the Competition Law applies.

With the operationalization of the CRA website, we believe it will become more flexible and efficient to control the publications of CRA’ decisions, access competition legislation, as well as keep the business community and other interested parties informed of the latest activities and updates carried out by the CRA.

It is important to highlight that the business community must be continuously aware of the need to obtain appropriate legal advice to ensure compliance with the provisions of the competition legal framework, thus avoiding the various sanctions applicable for violation of competition legislation.