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Law 19.2018

Establishes the legal regime for the use of movable things as a guarantee of compliance with obligations and creates the Central Securities Registry.

Decree No. 66/2014

Approves the Regulation of Law No. 14/2013, of 12 August, which establishes the legal regime and measures for prevention and repression in relation to the use of the financial system and non-financial entities for the purpose of money laundering capital, financing of terrorism and related crimes to be observed when carrying out foreign exchange operations.

Law No. 14/2013

Law on Preventing and Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism and repealing Law No. 7/2002, of 5 February

Law No. 11/2009

Regulates acts, businesses, transactions and operations of all kinds (Foreign Exchange Law) and repeals Law No. 3/96

Law 1/92

Defines the nature, objectives and functions of the Bank of Mozambique as the Central Bank of the Republic of Mozambique