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Oil and Gas

Law No. 14/2017

Alters and republishes the Specific Taxation and Tax Benefits Regime for Petroleum Operations, approved by Law No. 27/2014, of September 23 (Articles 22, 29, 40 and 42 of Law 27/2014 of 23 September)

Decree nº 34/2015

Approves the Petroleum Operations Regulation and repeals Decree nº 24/2004 of 20 August

Decree nº 32/2015

Approves the Regulation of the Specific Regime of Taxation and Tax Benefits of Petroleum Operations and repeals Decree nº 4/3008 of 9 April

Decree nº 83/2014

Approves the Regulation on Hazardous Waste Management and respective Attachments

Decree 35/2014 of 1 August 2014

Amends some articles of the Regulation of the Explosive Substances Law. Amends: Article 17 (1) (a), Article 21 (1), Article 52 (2), Article 65, Article 76 (1), Article 82 and Article 89 (1) and (2) of the Regulation of the Law on Explosive Substances, approved by Decree No. 40/2013, of 21 August.

Decree nº 27/2014

Establishes the Specific Taxation and Tax Benefits Regime for Petroleum Operations

Law No. 6/2011

Establishes the principles and standards for licensing, manufacturing, storage, trade, transit, slaughter and transportation, as well as safety measures for users of Explosive Substances