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Sustainability & ESG disclosures in Nigeria - Growing Regulatory and Investor Expectations

By Bola Tinubu and Enobong Shittu

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have become a focal point of the scrutiny of stakeholders, and key decision makers. With the growing evidence of the correlation between a culture of sustainability and long-term business success, there is mounting pressure on Boards to ensure their organisation addresses their environmental and social impacts and the Nigerian regulators are beginning to emphasize the importance of adopting ESG practices, not just as a compliance issue, but as part of the culture and strategy of organisations.

Our contribution to the Corporate Governance Guide 2022 with Chambers Global Practice Guides explores the regulatory overview of ESG in Nigeria, the trends in ESG reporting & disclosure requirements and the impact of sustainable investment or ESG investment in Africa, with a particular focus on Nigeria.

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