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Our lawyers in Tunisia have a experience working for industrial companies providing them different services such as corporate law, M&A, labor law, employee conflicts, commercial litigation, commentary and drafting of various types of commercial contracts. 

We assist our clients by providing them with well tested solutions which fit with their projects and enforce their legal rights. 

Our experience advising all types of industrial players enables us to anticipate issues that may arise during a project’s procurement and to find constructive solutions.

Experience has included advising:

  • SACMI IMOLA in debt collection action by alternating judicial procedures and negotiation with the different parties, the case closed by the recovery of the total amount of the debt;
  • Schneider Electric in the following fields: corporate law, labor law, employee conflicts, commentary and drafting of various types of contracts (employment, provision of services, financing, etc.) and advising the group on the overall legal management of the employment aspects;
  • Yazaki Group specialized in automotive sector in different matters including setting up an off-shore entity subsidiary of Yazaki Group, conduct a transfer of a branch of activity; and
  • Marquardt GMBH in an M&A operation and day to day advice on commercial contracts, corporate matters and labor law issues.