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Energy and Natural Resources

Our energy and natural resources lawyers in Tunisia understand our client’s businesses and the different pressures that they face. We have the capacity to take into account the technical, geographical, commercial and geopolitical factors related to energy and natural resources sector. 

Our lawyers offer M&A, corporate, contracts, arbitration and dispute resolution support on our clients' projects. We work in very close collaboration with our clients to defend their business needs. 

Our energy and natural resources clients recognize and appreciate our quick, commercial, hands-on approach, we provide them with advice and litigate on their behalf.

Experience has included advising:

  • Celamin Holding, an international oil and gas company in arbitration and dealing with the Exequatur of precautionary measures and final award in Tunisia;
  • An international oil and gas company in an international arbitration;
  • BASF / SOLVAY in the context of a cross-border acquisition; and
  • SACMI IMOLA in Debt Collection action by alternating judicial procedures and negotiation with the different parties, the case closed with the recovery of the total amount of the debt.

ESG implications of mine rehabilitation in Africa

In many African countries, mining is the backbone of their economies. Often, however, little consideration is given to environmental, social and governance (ESG) implications when a mining resource has been depleted or becomes uneconomical to mine. An appropriate legal framework that deals with mining rehabilitation is vital as part of sustainable mining.

Mining in Tanzania: Effects of the mining legal framework overhaul

In 2017, drastic and sudden changes affected the mining sector in mainland Tanzania. The Parliament of Tanzania, in a bid to protect the country’s natural resources and the employment opportunities for its citizens, passed a series of legislations in July 2017 aimed towards achieving these objectives.